Host Company Questions

We are only a small organisation and we don't have the room to host 20 students. Can we still be involved

Yes. We can work with smaller groups, such as 10 students, and modify the programme to suit individual industries.

Is there a deadline when I need to register our organisation?

To enable schools to prepare students for the day, we will set a close off date. We do have companies withdraw from the programme at the last minute so gaps do arise. Watch this space for 2019 dates.

How long do students visit our organisation?

The standard programme works to the following schedule:
Morning visit: 10.00am – 11.45am
Lunch: 11.45am – 12.15pm
Afternoon visit: 12.45pm – 2.30pm
This can be adapted to suit your organisation

How should I structure the visit

Workchoice provides planning guidelines to assist you in the preparation. We suggest using the time to profile your industry, careers available, training and skills required to work in your industry and the opportunity for students to ask questions.

Are the students supervised?

Yes. Schools provide a minimum of one supervisor per group.

Our organisation has strict OSH issues in place. How do we enforce these guidelines to visiting students?

Please advise us of your special requirements when registering. We will pass this information onto the visiting schools to ensure these guidelines are followed. It is also a good idea to reiterate these rules when contacting the school co ordinator, and outline basic rules at the start of your visit.

When will I know which school is visiting?

You will receive confirmation from Workchoice Trust in late April, including contact details for the schools coordinator. Names of students are not usually provided, although we can organise this for you if its required.

Who should I get involved from my organisation?

We suggest your CEO, Managing Director or similar welcomes students on the day, followed by key staff from the areas you wish to highlight. We also suggest organising graduates, apprentices or younger employees working for your organisation to speak to students.

Why is it important to provide lunches?

Lunch provides a necessary break to the day in addition to fuelling students’ attention spans. It also offers a great way for the wider company staff to interact with the students and have some further discussion.

What sort of food should I organise for lunch?

We recommend healthy options, such as sandwiches and fruit. The school coordinator will advise any special dietary requirements. Please take into consideration vegetarian options and quantities – you are hosting teenagers. The other important reminder is to provide plenty of water.

School Questions

Is there a deadline when I can register our school?

There will be a close-off deadline. Watch this space for 2019 dates.

I'm a student who wants to go on a Workchoice visit, but my school is not registered to participate in Workchoice Event, what can I do to change that?

We suggest you speak directly with your school career centre and encourage them to get on board. If we can help in anyway, please contact us.

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